Why Boston Colocation

Why Outsource to Axcelx for Colocation? Due to the recent economic downfall and the growth of technology, it is more beneficial for businesses to leverage a colocation facility for their servers. Below is the Top reasons why colocation has become more common

Reduce or Control Costs
The primary reason (accoring to 44% of respondents) to outsource data center functions is probably no surprise: to reduce or control costs. Colocation and dedicated server hosting are "Cap-Ex" free alternatives that can eliminate large-scale data center investments. Colocation enables CIOs to expand their data center footprint only on an as-needed basis rather than invest in an entire expansion up front.
Gain Access to Outside IT Resources

The second most compelling reason companies are outsourcing their data centers is the ability to leverage the people, processes and equipment that aren't available internally. CIOs can get access to very experienced data center staff that are shared across a "multi-tenant" data center environment without needing to hire their own full-time experts in networking, security, cooling, power and data center services.

Keep What You Already Have

No need to go and rent or purchase new equipment bring your own equipment and benefit from changing an ip vs reconfiguration.


Need to scale? Adding additional capacity can be done same day give us a call and lets scale.

Free Up Internal Resources

By reducing the day-to-day maintenance chores, the in-house IT team can concentrate on core applications and deliverables and leave the day-to-day data center operations to the colocation or dedicated server hosting operator.

Improve Customer Focus

It can be difficult to keep in-house staff motivated to service other departments. With competing requirements and many demands, responsiveness can be impacted. Outsourced data center operators are in the service business. They keep their customers by being responsive and accurate, and realize that poor service can hinder their business and profitability.

Accelerate Company Transformation

Transformation is a reason for outsourcing any number of functions. Outsourcing non-critical functions can help keep the organization focused on critical roles during time of transformation

Accelerate Data Center Projects

According to an article in SearchCIO, once you determine how serious or urgent your data center problems are, quick fixes in critical areas like uptime, availability and cost efficiencies can be achieved within months via outsourcing, versus an internal build out that can take years.

Access Outside Management Expertise
The ability to leverage management expertise not available internally, rounds out the Top 7 reasons companies outsource their data centers. Managed data center management teams are focused day-in and day-out on delivering data center capabilities to their clients efficiently and with a high level of service. By managing multiple large data centers, they can apply industry best practices that are difficult or too expensive for individual companies to apply to their own internal data centers.